Chords / Lyrics

Angry Birds

Lyrics and music by Jay Foreman
Music inspired by (stolen from) Ievan Polkka. 

(capo 7th fret)

I was sitting on the tube today

       F       E    Am
On the journey over here

      C                 G
I was bored and playing on my phone

       F6         E7
When I had a good idea

Get some wood and get some breeze blocks

Em              Am
Get some panels made of glass

Am                         Em
Put them all on top of one another

In the garden

Tie this jump-rope onto the swing

To Make a massive catapult

You get the pigs, I'll get the birds

Let's play Angry Birds


It turns out playing Angry Birds
In real life is nowhere near
As fun as I had thought it would be
It gets rather messy

Most of them went in the neighbour's garden
Some of them splattered on the house
You get the bin bags, I'll get the spade
Best clean up these birds.

Wait a minute
Where did you get those pigs from?
Where did you get those pigs from?
How did you make them green?

Best clean up these pigs.