Chords / Lyrics

Animals Aren't People

Music by Jay Foreman
Lyrics by Jay Foreman and Jon Gracey

(capo 1st fret)

I want to make one thing absolutely clear

  Am          D
I love animals

        Am                         D
They're cute, they're cuddly, they don't have mortgages

I love animals.

Nature documentaries are the only shows that I can

Watch that don't make me angry

  Am            D
I love animals, love animals


Almost everyone I know makes the same terrible mistake

Treating animals as people

          Dm                                    E
They have feelings and they're conscious and we mustn't cause them pain

But they aren't people.

Have you seen adverts for cat food - they're really absurd

They show succulent chunks served with gravy and stirred

          E                                   F    E
If it was really for cats, they should show a dead bird

Animals aren't people

You know that it's true

Your pet doesn't speak the same language as you

Animals aren't people

They don't care what you say

         Am               E         Am
And your fish didn't miss you while you were away.

  (move capo up to 2nd fret)

Did you see in the news about the farm in Norfolk 
With the tap dancing pheasant?
It specifically said "he was enjoying the attention"…
No he wasn't!

Your dog isn't sorry for the thing that it chewed
And it isn't concerned if you're in a bad mood
The only reason it stays is because it wants food

Animals aren't people
Stop fooling around
Your parrot can't understand you, it just copies the sound
Animals aren't people
They do not love you
And they don't love each other, they just want to screw

A cat and a mouse aren't enjoying the chase
And a horse isn't proud if it's winning a race
And you can't read a duck from the look on its face
And that chimp didn't know that it went into space!

Animals aren't people
Now listen to me
Your parakeet didn't do that intentionally
Animals aren't people
I'm making a fuss
Cos that's the very thing that makes them so much better than us

Animals aren't people
You know that it's true
They don't eat, drink, play, work, laugh, or think like we do
Animals aren't people
I'm quite sure about that
So we're not getting a fucking birthday card for the cat!