Chords / Lyrics

Imagine If I Died

© Jay Foreman, 1st August 2006
(capo 1st fret)

Imagine if I died right here, right now

Before I could get to the ending of this song

  Dm                      G
My guitar would drop right down

  Dm                       G
My head would hit the ground

     Dm7                   G             C
You’d think it’s all a joke, but you’d be wrong

You’d shake my shoulders and you’d shout my name
Because I won’t have moved for quite some time
You’d ask around the place
“Does anyone know first aid?”
You’d panic and you’d dial 999

   C7                           F
For fifteen gruelling minutes, around the room you’d pace

     D7                       G
Quite haunted by the stare from my lifeless face

Eventually the ambulance would come
“He’s that one on the floor there,” you would say
They’d sadly shake their heads
Pronounce that I was dead
Then carefully they would take my corpse away

The journey to the mortuary would take so very long
You still can’t believe the irony that I was singing this song.

(capo up a fret)

You’d have to call my parents on my phone
You’d scroll down to the number stored as “mum”
She won’t have answered yet
But still you start to sweat
‘Cos you’re absolutely dreading what’s to come

At first the task before you is easier than it seems
But after fifteen seconds come the piercing screams

C  F  G  C  G   (x2)

Well, fortunately this is just a song
I haven’t died so far, that much is true
But just to let you know
I’m softening the blow
‘Cos one day I will die, and so will you!