Chords / Lyrics

Are You Sitting Comfortably

Music by Jay Foreman
Lyrics by Jay Foreman and Jon Gracey

E, A, E, B7, E

E               A      E
Are you sitting comfortably?

        A       E         B7
Can you hear me from back there?

         E                     A           E
Have you had a drink? Have you been to the toilet?

        A     E       B
Are you comfy in your chair?

       C#m             Abm7
Do you like the person next to you

       A             E      B7
If you don't, please let me know.

           E                  A       E
Because if you're not sitting comfortably

                 B7          E
Then I can't get on with the show.

                         A         E
Do you need to sneeze or blow your nose

          A        E       B7
Don't suppress the urge to cough

          E               A      E
If you're cold then put a jumper on

          A         E       B
If you're hot, take it back off.

             C#m             Abm7
What are you doing with your hands?

                 A        E       B
Are they by your sides or on your knees?

        E                     A       E
Are you fiddling with them or holding something?

             B7     E
Do with them as you please.

Does anything itch like your arms or your back

Or your eyes or your neck or your chin?

Are you blinking just the right amount?

        B                               C
Are you concentrating on your breathing out and in?

F                           Bb        F
Are you slouching? Can your neighbour smell you?

        Bb      F       C7
Are you farting now and then?

         F                        Bb       F
Are your legs in front of you, or are they crossed?

           Bb      F    C
And do you need to piss again?

         Dm                   Am7
Have you achieved your life's ambitions yet

       Bb      F      C7
If you haven't let me know

         F                     Bb      F
But I'll assume you're sitting comfortably

                 C        F     C, F, C, F, C, F, C, F
And we'll get on with the show.