Chords / Lyrics


G                                            Am
I’m here on Westminster Bridge and there are dinosaurs

D             C                 G
What the f*** man, dinosaurs on Westminster bridge!

        Am                D
There’s one on top of Big Ben

         Am                   D
There’s another on top of Big Ben

There's several sitting on the South Bank

    D                           G
And there's one paddling in the Thames. 

           G                              Em
Of all the places I have been and all the scenes that I have seen

           Am                           D
I’ve never seen a scene like this occur

                  Am        D             G, C, C#, D-C#-C-G    
Christopher Clarke, BBC News, Westminster.

          Em                                         Am
There’s a T rex standing by the London Eye, and he’s spinning it round really fast

And the diplodocus doesn't seem to know what all the fuss is

           C                                D      C      Bm    Am   G
while he's skating round Embankment on four double decker buses.


G, Am, D, C, G
Am, D, Am, D, Am, D, C, G
G, C, C#, D-C#-C-G

G                                             Am
Still here on Westminster Bridge with all the dinosaurs (dinosaurs!)

       D                C                     G
The police are out, but I don’t think they’ll do any good.

       Am                         D
The triceratops has eaten all the nuts

      Am                         D
The velociraptor's eaten all the nut-stand guys

There's one outside McDonalds

     D                               G
He's eyeing up the fatties trapped inside.

G                                  Em
And if one comes after me, I'll be killed immediately

          Am                           D
Could you tell my wife that I love her?

            Am               D           G, C, C#, D-C#-C-G
Christopher Clarke, BBC news, Westminster

G                 Am           D
Christopher Clarke, very afraid

                 Am               D
Pooing my pants! Come to my aid!

                  Am                      D,  Am, D
Here comes one now, I'd better keep still ...

I need to sneeze!

D, C, G, C, C#, D-C#-C-G, F-F#-G