Chords / Lyrics

Gentlemen's Club

Lyrics and music by Jay Foreman

(capo Nth fret)

Em, G, Am, C

Em            G
I went into a gentlemen's club

    Am       C
And wasn't I delighted.

I'd sneaked myself into the building

Totally uninvited.

    Em             G
The gentlemen were sat in their chairs

  Am               C
I saw as I looked around,

Each one was reading a newspaper

    Am7                 Em
And none of them made a sound.

   C                   D
My presence caused the gentlemen

To pause from reading the news.

They glanced in my direction

And then down towards my shoes

And they said....

Em, Am, B7, Em
(incoherent mumbling)

An important man was summoned
By one of the gents immediately.
He whispered something into his ear
Then they both looked at me.
And not before long, two burly gentlemen
Whisked me from the floor
And dragged me firmly by the trousers
Back towards the door.

I kicked and screamed, I yelled and I balled
They threw me in the street.
I painfully dusted myself off
And slowly rose to my feet.

And I said...
(incoherent mumbling)