Chords / Lyrics


Music by Jay Foreman
Lyrics by Jay Foreman and Jon Gracey
© 2013

(capo 2nd fret)

Am          Am/G    F7
Where d'you get your food from Grandma?

           Am                Am/G     F7  E7
Though I'm grateful that you feed me a lot

         Am              E7
From the biscuits to the chocolate

       C               Am
To the tea bags to the crumpets

         F7              E7       Am
You have products no one else has got.

   F7                              Am
In other people's houses they have Cornflakes and Kit Kats

         F7                     Am
But your cupboard hasn't any of these.

You give me unbranded malt flakes

And mysterious wafers

And uniquely semi-circular cheese.

Where d'you get your food from, Grandma?
I'm puzzled by the ____ that you buy
I've never seen them on TV
Or in any supermarket
Yet you somehow have an endless supply.


Come to think of it how long has that stuff been in your cupboard
And why do you always offer me more?
Why do I never see you eating any of it yourself?
Have you been keeping it in there since the War?

Where d'you get your food from, Grandma?