Chords / Lyrics

Happy Halloween

Lyrics and music by Jay Foreman

I wish to wish

G     G(Ab)        Am      D           G       Em, Am, D7
Happy Halloween to all the children in America

G              Am     D7          G    G7
Every American infant enjoys Halloween

Am               D7          Am          D7
Hang pictures of witches and bats in the hall

G                              Em
Knock yourselves out, it's for you after all

New York, LA, and all in between

Am       D          G     Em, Am, D7
Everyone loves Halloween

Once again
Happy Halloween to all the CHILDREN in AMERICA
Make faces in pumpkins and watch spooky films on TV
Recite spells and ring doorbells out in the cold
If you live in the States and aren't yet twelve years old
Dress up in a costume you've worked on all day
That's the American way.

Ab7                      C#m
But here in this country it's just called October

Ab7                     C#m
I'll simply ignore you until it's all over

Don't knock on my door and don't ask me for Smarties

    Bm    Em                A7        D       D7
And don't expect me at your Halloween parties

Happy Halloween to foreigners, children and idiots
By all means, take over the shops and the streets and TV
You've seen how it's done in American shows
Now saturate Sainsburys til everyone knows
Even if you're determined like me not to care
It's Halloween everywhere.