Chords / Lyrics

John Lennon

© Jay Foreman 2009
D            Bm          Bb            A
What if John Lennon were still alive today

    G      A        D     D7
And he had not been shot?

    G            A            D        D(C#)  Bm
The general consensus is that that would be nice

    E7                 A        A7
But I dare to say that it might not.

     D                Bm         Bb               A
He'd hang around with Bono doing Live Aid and the like

G  A   Bb        A           D
Oh I'm glad John Lennon died.

D                       Bm         Bb             A
Now before you start to boo me and say that I'm a ****

   G      A             D  D7
Perhaps I should explain

   G                A        D        D(C#)   Bm
He last wrote a good song in nineteen seventy one

       E7             A         A7
And he never sang a decent one again

    D            Bm                   Bb                  A
His music in the eighties would have sounded like Crowded House

G  A   Bb        A      D
Oh I'm glad John Lennon died.

And by the way I wonder if

You ever stopped to think about

    C#7                         F#
Whatever would have happened to McCartney.

Everyone would still be saying "Paul is dead"

Em                                          A
And they would have named the airport after him instead

   D    Bm              Bb            A
In 1990 Yoko would have killed him anyway

G  A   Bb        A      D
Oh I'm glad John Lennon died

D, Bm, Bb, A, G, A

           D             Bm               Bb             A
Imagine if he instead of Neil Buchanan presented 'Art Attack'...

       Bb        A      Dsus4
Oh I'm glad John Lennon died.