Chords / Lyrics

Little Japanese Baby

© Jay Foreman, 10th August 2004
Dsus4    G6    (x 4)

Dsus4             G6       Dsus4               G6
Little Japanese Baby, what have you done to me?

Dsus4              G6              A6
My life will be so complicated now you have come to be.

   G                              Dsus4
My wife went not so long ago on a business trip to Tokyo

    G                                      Dsus4
And came back with a nervous looking smile

       G                                   Dsus4
By the time she said we'd have a kid, I completely forgot about what she did

    G                                    A6   Em(A)
And thought I was your daddy for a while

Little Japanese Baby
You look nothing like me
My friends are going to point and laugh
Now you have come to be

You probably should be really glad
That you never met your real dad
'Cos I bet he was an evil nasty man
Now don't be too demanding please
'Cos I'm afraid I don't speak Japanese
But I'll bring you up as English as I can.

Little Japanese Baby
Little Japanese Baby
Little Japanese Baby