Chords / Lyrics

Make Sure He's OK

Lyrics and music by Jay Foreman

(capo 3rd fret)

D           C          G
By the time I'm eighty three

D            C         G
Someone will take over me

           Am     C       D(F#)
He'll look like me on the outside

       Am      C      D(F#)
But it won't be me in there

          Am     C     D(F#)         Am  C  D
I'll have all but disappeared long before

He and I won't think the same
He won't remember my name
And he'll treat you like a stranger
But he won't mean any harm
And he'll need you more than ever before

Bm   F#m     G  Asus2  Asus4
Make sure he's ok

Bm   F#m      G  Asus2  Asus4
Make sure he's alright

Bm   F#m     G   A
Tell him who you are

      Bm        G6
Every day, every night

He'll never know what to do
Sometimes he'll spill drinks on you
He'll quite often lose his temper
And I don't know what he'll say
But he'll tell nobody how scared he is

Make sure he's ok
Make sure he's alright
Please tell him who you are
Every day, every night

Make sure he's ok
Try to make him smile
Tell him about me maybe
Once in a while