Chords / Lyrics

No More Colours

Music and lyrics © Jay Foreman 2012

A                           Asus2
Years ago back when I was a teacher

      A                       C#m7
I was teaching my class about light

F#m7                        B
Infrared on the left of the spectrum

           Bm7                E     G
Through to ultraviolet on the right

  A                       Asus2
I showed them the primary colours

         A                         C#m7
And drew circles of blue green and red

  F#m                            B7
I explained that each colour had its own wavelength

        Bm7          E           A
And the pupils wrote down what I said.

          F                           C
While the class settled down to their homework

    F                      C
One curious boy raised his hand

          F                       C
He looked troubled with eyes open wide so I asked

         B7                  E           E7
Is there something you don't understand?

          C                         Am
Does that mean there aren't any more colours?

          C                         Am
Does that mean that I've seen every one?

          Bb9                         Dm
I'd hoped one day to find shades that just blew my mind

         Bb9                     G7
But I'll never have that kind of fun

         C                      Am
If there really aren't any more colours

             C                    E7
And there'll never be new ones to see

All this time it would seem it was pointless to dream

        G7                            C    E
And the world seems less colourful to me.

Well I just didn't know what to tell him
As he stared at me expectantly
Did he know that I felt just the same way as him
The day my science teacher told me?

F#m7 Emaj9 (x4)

It's not true that there are no more colours
It's not true that you've seen every shade
All the reds and the greens and the vast in betweens
Can be blended in endless new ways
There's an infinite number of colours
That can shock and delight and surprise
You can have any shade when you know how it's made
And it's only a trick of the eyes.