Chords / Lyrics

Skin Sofa

lyrics by Jay Foreman and Laurel Foreman
music by Jay Foreman

capo 1st fret

C7, B7, Em

Em                          Cmaj7
Can I interest anyone in my sofa?

     D                                Em
It's cheap but it requires some extra care

Em                                Cmaj7
It gets rather sweaty between the cushions

B7                               Em
So be sure to keep it clean down there

Sorry about the rash from where I've been sitting
And the blisters from where I spilt bolognese
By the way, it's not normally this hairy
I've not shaved it now for several days

And if you do decide to wax it

Please exfoliate to avoid ingrowing hair

And leave the curtains closed or it'll get a sunburn

Peeling everywhere.... ooh it's got a nipple

It will keep you warm like no other sofa
But it comes out in goosebumps when it's cold
All stains come right out with soap and water
Not too bad for eighty nine years old.

And don't sit there for too long
Or you'll get a puddle underneath your thighs
I hope somebody takes it
I don't want to know what happens when it dies.

Skin sofa, skin sofa
Eurgh eurgh eurgh eurgh
Eurgh eurgh eurgh eurgh.