Chords / Lyrics

The Coolest Dream

© Jay Foreman, 6th July 2004
G             C                     D
Last night, I had the coolest dream

          G               C              D    C
The world had all gone purple everywhere

           D        G          D           Em
All the people were walking on their hands

    C                  D                   G
And you and you and you and you were there

           C                     D
My mum had just become the queen

   G                  C               D    C
Except it wasn't her, she had a beard

           D       G            D          Em
All the people had traffic cones for heads

     C               D                 G
And everything was really really weird

       C                                 G
I had loads of chocolate buttons and all other tasty things

  C                                  G
I got to spend all afternoon playing on the slides and swings

  C                                  G
I noticed I was eight foot tall when I walked into school

Except it wasn't school 'cos it had like this waterfall at the side of it and everything was on a slant

and it kinda looked like a dentists.

G              C                 D
Woke up, forgot most of the dream

     G             C              D    C
A bit like i was never even there

              D       G     D        Em
But I'll remember for my entire life

     C                  D                   G
That you and you and you and you were there.