Chords / Lyrics


Lyrics by Jay Foreman and John Rushton
Music by Jay Foreman

Where you see this symbol * do this shape...

e -4----
B -0----
G -4----
D -3----
A -4----
E ------

It can be moved up and down the fretboard as you please. 

(capo 2nd fret)

E                      *C#7*
I really like the word trousers

       F#m7                          *B7*
It's a word I'm going to sing a song about

   E                      *C#7*
In America they never say trousers

         F#7                                *B7*
They say pants and I believe they're missing out

Just try it: Trousers

Get your mouth around it

Trousers! Trousers!

What a funny sound

       *E7* (slide down one fret at a time) *C#7*              
It can make you happy and I'll show you how

     F#7      *B7*     E    A E A
Sing trousers trousers trou...    sers

I really like the word trousers
It's an underrated very funny word
When you use it to mean anything other than trousers
It's surprising and hilarious and absurd

That film was trousers
Here's another one:
That'll cost twelve trousers
See, it's loads of fun!

I've persuaded every single one of you now
Sing trousers, trousers, trou... sers!