Chords / Lyrics


© Jay Foreman and John Gracey 2010
G                                 C
Well thank you for coming, please all take your seats

      G                              D
We'll begin with this slide I've got here

     G                          C
Well as you can see Whizz-Tek's profits are up

         G              D              G
And it's thanks to your hard work this year

(harmonica solo)
G, C, G, D, G

As I was saying about ten seconds ago
We've been paying out huge dividends
We'll reach for the skies, and our profits will rise
And I know you can do it, my friends.

(harmonica solo)

Yeah, come on guys, profit margins, turnover and market share!
Let's get those profits! It's gonna be wild!
Come on team you can do it!
It's for Whizz-Tek, you guys! Booho!

(harmonia solo)

*Excitable gibberish*

(harmonica solo)

*Demented screaming*

(harmonica solo, one semi-tone off key)

*Quiet mumbling*